A Charity Focused on Helping females to help themselves become the person they want to be

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About Us: a female charity that makes a real difference whether you are 8 years or 98 years old.

Be Female charity’s mission is to provide the resources to educate people so that they are empowered to live happier lives. We want to be useful to every female - young or old, sick or well, happy or discontent, knowledgeable or not.

Be Female charity website is an online resource centre. It addresses topics that might be affecting your feeling of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. In turn, it aims for you to have:
·     self-esteem so you can feel empowered, more resilient, and improve the way you view situations.
·     self-respect so you can listen to your intuition and not be wrongly influenced by others’ behaviours and opinions.
·     self-confidence so you can break patterns of self-destruction and make wise (and where relevant, better informed) choices in life.

We want you to take responsibility for your happiness and optimise how you spend your time achieving this.

We want you to remember how important you are and make it easier for you to know where to find relevant information so you feel empowered to improve your happiness. Your mood has an impact on those around you... so taking time to consider yourself and your happiness can in turn improve the lives of those around.

Our team of researchers check the latest resources available to you. All charities and organisations are included at no charge. They are on here simply because we want you to have a place where you can find these resources easily. 

Is this website just for females?

We believe in equality for all, but recognise that there are topics relating to women that have little relevance to men. For example, learning to cope with how your body and emotions change during your periods is not a topic a man is ever going to have to worry about (unless perhaps you need to understand your teenage daughter and why she’s irritable!).

But - and it’s a big BUT - we equally believe that males have the same right as females to be happy. So please visit our other website www.beingmale.co.uk set up with topics for males.

For anyone who is going through or considering a sex change, or doesn’t define themself as fully female or fully male, the same goes for you. Many of the topics will still be useful, to help educate and empower you to live a happier life. Just ignore the topics that aren’t relevant.

Why females?

Some topics are gender specific but more importantly women are described as the emotional backbone of society.

Your mood, happiness and self-worth can impact the emotion of those around... so improving how you feel about yourself can then improve the lives of those around.

What we want...

We want this website to be useful to every female - young or old, sick or well, happy or discontent, knowledgeable or not.

We want you to remember how important you are and make it easier for you to spend time on yourself not just on others, as so many women are prone to doing.


"When we consider a flower we think of a beautiful object that stands out for whom it is even within a crowd. It makes us smile when received, when seen, when smelt.  There are many types of flower, each beautiful in their own way. But when a flower is not nurtured or it is mishandled, its beauty disappears - it withers. In the same way, when they are not nurtured or are mistreated a woman’s beauty can wither.  Beauty is not just skin deep: music can be beautiful, paintings can be beautiful, scenery can be beautiful. Beauty is something that enlightens and captivates. A woman who has self-worth, who is empowered can lighten up a room with her words, with her smile, with her presence.  A happy woman can bring happiness to others - to her classmates, her workplace, her society, her family, her friends, to strangers on the street".

Rebecca Faulkner - Co-Founder, Be Female Group (influenced by the book Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge)

A charity for women of all ages: Our Inspiration.
Be Female Charity was created through the real life stories of females who didn't know where to turn.  Meet some of the women  and girls who inspired the creation of this organisation in the pictures below.


Hannah, 35, came out of a physically abusive relationship and was suddenly faced with life as a single parent and providing for her family having never worked before. The only resource she has been referred to is one which deals with her emotional well-being whereas she wanted to find help with the practical matters.


Christine, 48, a mother of four faced a deep sense of loss as her first child goes off to university and spent the best part of the next two weeks crying. She was at a loss with how else to deal with this.

Older 37


Julie. 52, has received chemotherapy and lost her hair and wants to gain some confidence back through how she presents herself and to re-evaluate her life and look at her purpose after her successful fight against cancer.


Sarah, 40, a mother of young children has been so focused on her kids and dealing with issues such as loss of sleep that she has lost her sense of who she is as a woman. How she rediscovers this is a mystery.

Young black woman


Sally, 68, felt lonely after the death of her friendship group and it's been years since she had to make new friends. She doesn't remember how but would like to find some new company.

Resource To Women Of All Ages


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What Our Visitors Are Saying...

What a wonderful resource! Having all this information in one place is a such a fabulous idea.

It feels like having a big sister to give me advice!

This site helped our brownie group achieve their Understanding Badge, thank you Be Female Group!