Many issues face women today which is why this charity is so special. Maybe charity is the wrong word. This website is simply about giving help, help in all sorts of ways.

Around the world, women continue to experience violence, discrimination, inequality, and poverty.

Women may face the loss of a partner or the joy of becoming a mother. At the same time, other women may have trouble conceiving or suddenly find they are pregnant with an unexpected baby. Just getting back to work after childbirth or a break up can be a very difficult and lonely experience. So there are many areas we can support and help both young women and older women wherever you are.

There are many areas where we, as a charity specifically for women can help. We not only support women but we offer an amazing catalogue of free practical help and advice.

Women's Charities: How we can help.

The Befemale Group is a charity specifically set up to help women whatever issue they are facing. We cover an enormous range of topics from gender equality, through to forced marriage, gender pay gap, bullying at work, domestic abuse and domestic violence. In fact, our resources cover over 100 topics so we are sure we can be of help.

We are also a powerful force in raising awareness of the issues around the world.


Becoming a woman brings many more things asking for your attention than when you were a girl. Whilst you are capable of doing things independently, you don't have to do them alone.

Sometimes we need to deal with the issues closest to home. Sometimes it can help to do something different like taking the focus off ourself and onto sharing happiness. Organisations like Action for Happiness helps people take action to increase wellbeing in their homes, workplaces, schools and local communities. Their vision is a happier world. Fewer people suffering from mental health problems and more people feeling good, functioning well and helping others. They want to see a fundamentally different way of life. A place where people care less about what they can get just for themselves and more about the happiness of others.

Women's charities: We are a charity for ALL Women. Just look how we can help.

Adult abused as a child

Adult abused as a child

Equipping women to move forward from the effects of being an adult abused as a child Being an adult that was abused as a child can have effects that can last for a lifetime. Child abuse is either psychological and physical abuse. Abuse also includes neglect as a child. A child witnessing domestic abuse is…
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Abusive relationship

Helping women know their worth and feel empowered in knowing that there are steps to take to change the situation An abusive relationship can come in many forms, both physical, verbal and mental. None of it is acceptable. You deserve to live free of fear.  It may feel that both improving the situation or getting out are difficult…
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Addiction and habit breaking

Empowering women to feel in control of decisions 
and overcome the bind of habit It can be difficult to determine the difference between developing an unhealthy habit and suffering from an addiction, but distinguishing between the two helps you find the right treatment. So how can you tell the difference?   Habits can be positive and/or negative, for example…
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Being single

Empowering women to feel comfortable with making the decision on whether being single is right for them and with ways to enjoy being single It’s a shame that so many people view relationships as the best part of life. Being single allows you to experience so much that is often simply not possible when subjected to…
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Supporting women in knowing what they can do next after a loss, to provide tools for healing and finding happiness The death of someone close to you can be emotionally and physically draining, and possibly debiliatating. Different people handle grief differently and finding your way through this is important as you still have a life to live,…
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Helping women deal with the emotions following a breakup, rebuilding any lost confidence and finding happiness. To help learn from the experience and what can be done with the learnings It’s never easy when a marriage or relationship ends. Whatever the reasons are for the split — and whether it was your choice or not…
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