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Women with Kids or Bump

Becoming a parent brings with it a whole host of new challenges and can at times make you feel like you're in the unknown or you've lost control. Parenting also brings it a whole new source of joy and ability to love which can be a great place to focus when things feel tough. As you learn how to handle the phase that your child is going through, they then grow and develop into a new phase from baby to toddler to "Terrible Two" to "Threenager", etc to "Teenager" to "Teenager" to "Young Adult" and each comes with new parenting skills to learn. Whether you feel like you're a supermum, a failure or somewhere in between, there are lots of resources out there to help you enjoy parenting and give you the information you need.


If you feel like parenting has meant that you have lost who you are and you don't have time for proper friendships, with some help and focus you can change this to feel like you've found a fun new phase of life.

Don't feel like you're on your own, being a mum comes with lots of positives - for one its actually very easy to make friends through the connection of your babies/children and it can give you an excuse to press the pause button on your career and hobbies and see if they are still what you want. There are lots of resources available and places like have a wealth of resource all on the one site.

Browse Our Latest Topics For Women with Kids or Bumps:

Kinship Care

Providing women who undertake kinship care with support Kinship care is a wonderfully kind and sacrificial offer to provide a home for someone else’s child. These kids typically had parents who weren’t able to care for them, which is a tough place for any kid. The role of kinship carer may leave you with feeling like you…
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Miscarriage & still birth

Supporting women who have lost a child during pregnancy or near birth Loss of your baby before its lived its life can leave you in a wreck. It can leave you feeling isolated as you may not have even told those close to you that you were pregnant and so you may not feel you…
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Disabled Child

Parenting a disabled child

Empowering mothers of disabled children to know their worth! We salute the job you do! Bringing up a child is a tough job – as I suspect every mother will agree with otherwise we all need your advice/child like yours – but mums of disabled kids deserve everyone’s respect for what you have to add…
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Post Natal Depression & Baby Blues

Supporting women overcome feelings of post-natal blues and depression Pregnancy comes with many expectations about motherhood that don’t become reality. One of those can be that we will automatically be filled with the motherhood and a close bond with our child. For many, motherhood can turn into sleep deprived days, feeling out of control and…
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Separated from your child

Supporting parents with the emotions of being separated from your child It is said that a mother’s love is the pursest form of affection and there is no bond so strong as a mother and her child. So what does a mother do is she is separated from – and not able to give that…
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Step Parent

Settling your child into school or nursery

Supporting mums with a positive approach to children being happy settling into the school day Its heartbreaking seeing your child distraught, especially when you have to leave them in someone else’s care. Some kids put on a show for their mother as they don’t want them to leave and then are fine. Others just can’t…
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