Becoming a parent brings with it a whole host of new challenges and can at times make you feel like you're in the unknown or you've lost control. Parenting also brings it a whole new source of joy and ability to love which can be a great place to focus when things feel tough. As you learn how to handle the phase that your child is going through, they then grow and develop into a new phase from baby to toddler to "Terrible Two" to "Threenager", etc to "Teenager" to "Teenager" to "Young Adult" and each comes with new parenting skills to learn. Whether you feel like you're a supermum, a failure or somewhere in between, there are lots of resources out there to help you enjoy parenting and give you the information you need.


If you feel like parenting has meant that you have lost who you are and you don't have time for proper friendships, with some help and focus you can change this to feel like you've found a fun new phase of life.

Don't feel like you're on your own, being a mum comes with lots of positives - for one its actually very easy to make friends through the connection of your babies/children and it can give you an excuse to press the pause button on your career and hobbies and see if they are still what you want. There are lots of resources available and places like have a wealth of resource all on the one site.

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Abandoned parents

Helping women deal with feelings of being abandoned by their kids Its not uncommon to hear of someone who no longer talks to their parent. But what if you’re on the other side of this? What if you’re the parents whose kids no longer want anything to do with you? Should you try to make…
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Alcohol control for kids

Supporting parents whose kids who are or might be reliant on alcohol The UK has a high number of kids who regularly consume high levels of alcohol and this can lead to kids being out of control and have less awareness of their own safety. Many teenagers don’t like taking advice from their parent but…
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Communicating and maintaining a healthy relationship with kids and teenagers

Empowering mothers to have a relationship with their children where they can calmly, clearly and easily communicate and the relationship is up-lifting…although we know at times this can be difficult! Good parent-child connections don’t spring out of nowhere, any more than good marriages do. Biology gives us a head start, if we weren’t biologically programmed…
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Death of your child

Supporting women in moving forward after the loss of a child The loss of your child can often feel beyond our understanding, feel beyond our ability to move forward, feel like part of you is permanently missing. You might find you experience a range of physical and emotional symptoms as you come to terms with your loss.…
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Difficulty sleeping for children

Empowering women with knowledge on methods to help your children get to sleep and stay asleep so that you can get your evenings back and have happy refreshed children again Somehow mothers get through a bad night sleep followed by a day looking after the children or doing your work, but it’s not easy and…
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Finance & saving – teaching your kids and teenagers

Resourcing parents with methods to teach their kids about finances, saving & giving Research has shown that an adult’s attitude to finances is determined, to a large extent, by what they learnt during childhood, particularly up to the age of 7. Therefore, spending time teaching your child about budgeting, saving, investing and giving has real…
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