Helping your wedding preparations to be fun and make you feel positive about the next steps To provide resources to remove feeling overwhelmed or daunted by the wedding related topics - such as how to do your own makeup, how to enjoy walking down the isle and your first dance, how to manage your time, etc

The period of engagement is ideally fun and blissful. However, it is all too easy to get stressful and the focus to be diverted from why the two of you want to get married. I remember being told that couples can focus so much on the run up to the day that they loose touch with who each other is, only to get married and have no marriage preparations to distract them and then realize they have spent months not properly connected with their spouse-to-be. Stress can come from all and any angle and often it can be from other people’s expectations and demands. Learning how to deal with these and how to both cherish this period and the person you have chosen to marry can make a big difference to how enjoyable this time can be for both of you.