Empowering mothers to feel comfortable and knowledgeable in being a key source of knowledge on sex for their kids

Whose going to talk to your kids about what is happening to their body and about sex if you don't? Their friends (and lets be honest, how much truth on this subject do teenagers really know rather than hearsay?), the media (and we know they write what will sell / get them followers and not necessarily what we want our kids to think or how we want them to act). Think about the consequences if our kids don't have a sense of what might happen if they e.g. "sleep around". Teenagers think they're wiser and older than they really are and most have no idea of the consequences. And let's not be ignorant to the fact, that under 18 they are still the responsibility of their parent so the consequences will have an impact on your life - you might have to help bring up a child while your teenager goes to school, or watch them loose their child! If you want help on how to talk to them and teach them, then some suggestions are below.