Empowering women to know that they can be a wonderful stepmum

Step parenting can be stepping into a minefield of emotions - your partner worrying about how you and the kids are going to be around each other, the kids' mother's reaction and behaviour towards you, the kids dealing with the breakup of their parents and the addition of a stepmother etc. And then you have to deal with being a parent, but not being the biological parent which has all sorts of impacts. For example there may be difference in acceptable behaviours and ruls between the child's two homes and then how you deal with that as a step aprents can be different than if you are the biological parent. There can be a difference in how much love, affection, respect and communication the kids give to their biological paretns than you as the step parent. Whether your step mum role is easy or hard, you have a little person looking up to you as one of their adult role models, so being the best paretns you can be is important. I've often heard adults say that it wasn't until adulthood that they realised all that their step parent had done for them. Be the best influence you can be on them...and make the most of the suport and resouces out there when you need them.