Empowering women to deal with feeling lonely

Loneliness isn't about whether we have people around or that we can connect with. Loneliness is an emotion that all of us experience. Some of us enjoy our own company more than others but even if you are in your happy place when you are alone, you can still feel lonely at times. For those who thrive off the company of others, feeling lonely may occur frequently when others aren't around. Sometimes loneliness will pass and for some you know you just need to pick up the phone and call or text someone or arrange a meet up. For others, dealing with loneliness is harder. Whilst many of us can feel lonely the reality is that we don't need to. There are so many ways to connect with others - be it through shared hobbies, helping, creating friends with neighbours or another community that you can be apart of. Many people are seeking company - you're not alone whilst everyone else is out enjoying life with friends. However, loneliness is a growing problem in England and in many parts of the world as society is much less community based. On the positive front, loneliness is an easily identified feeling and it always helps when you know what you are dating with. The next step is empowering yourself to make changes to your current life so that you have means to deal with feeling lonely. Even if you are housebound there are still ample ways to change loneliness into feeling fulfilled by connecting with others or creating new hobbies.

Have a look at the resources below to help empower you to deal with feeling lonely.