Empowering grandmothers to feel positive about looking after grandkids

Your kids have grown up, you - willingly or with tears - have recreated your life...and then comes the exciting news about a grandchild being on the way. Some grandparents get to choose when they see the grandchild(ren), some don't get to see the grandchild(ren) as often as they would like and some get asked to look after their grandchild(ren).

Grandparenting can be a major source of fulfilment, but that doesn't imply that all feelings about grandparenting will be 100% positive. Plus, by the time your kids have grown up, you're an experienced parent, but that doesn't mean that you will automatically feel that you know exactly what you need to do to be a grandparent - not least because now you should be taking into account the parenting views of your child. However, you feel about taking on this new role, grandparents can make a huge impression on their grandkids - they can be role models, fill in gaps when kids don't want to chat to their parents and be an extra source of love and safety, amongst many other things. In addition, there are resources to help you choose what type of grandparent you would like to be and be the best version of it you can including listening to your own child's needs and desires for their child, and voicing yours about grandparenting without causing conflict. Enjoy grandparenting!