Helping girls to break a drug addiction and live without the support of recreational drugs

Strength, happiness and empowerment is stronger when it can be found from within you. If it comes from drugs its temporary and a mask for how you really are and who you really are. You might not feel happy with who you are and how you feel and want an escape, but life is going to be better if you use resources around you to deal with what you want to escape from. You might think drugs are fun and keeps you as part of the crowd but there are all sorts of dangers to taking drugs, including the fact that you are not fully in control of your own body nor reactions, plus you can't be 100% sure of what you are taking nor how you might react compared to a friend. There are resources listed below to help you and don't forget that a real friend would never stop being your friend just because you don't take drugs - there are plenty of people out there looking for friends if you need to find new ones.