• To empower girls with confidence in relationships to stay within their boundaries, to have an understanding of what can help relationships to grow, to be positive, happy and last (where right).
  • To help girls know how and when might be right to move on from a relationship and to deal with "being dumped" : dealing with emotions following a breakup, how to deal with having an ex and having a loss, rebuilding any lost confidence and finding happiness after the breakup.
  • To help learn from the experience and what can be done with the learnings.

When it comes to dating, there is no such thing as a silly question. How are you supposed to know the answers to questions you've never needed to ask before? Teenage dating raises lots of questions, don't be afraid to ask someone you trust for advice.

Why are some girls really into boys?

Girls who are crazy about boys are often those who think having a boyfriend is really important as it gives them something that they are missing That might be an identity (e.g they get better known and maybe feel more popular as they are Ben's girlfriend), it may be to get some more attention (and that might not be because they are "attention-seeking" but they may just be lacking normal levels of attention from their parents, or their dad for example).  Having a boyfriend can also give a sense of being more grown up or independent (it can be a reason to get out of home for a while).

Sadly, girls who are crazy about boys often don't think they are as important as having a boyfriend is.