Empowering mothers of adults to be able to understand the dynamics of having an adult-kid share, how to relate, communicate and talk through adult-matters

Kids become adults but parents never stop being a parent. However, the dynamics of a parent-child and a parent-adult relationship are totally different. Its not uncommon for a parent to not recognise the changing dynamic and for the adult-offspring to react negatively to this. My mum said to me that when I hurt, her role is to put a plaster on and give me a hug to which I had to tell her, that her role had been to teach me to put the plaster on myself and she had done that well but needed to realise that!

How parents communicate with their adult-children can make all the difference to how the relationship plays out. Equally important is how to have conversations about adult-matters with your children. Below are resources to help with both of these.