Empowering women to feel in control of decisions 
and overcome the bind of habit

It can be difficult to determine the difference between developing an unhealthy habit and suffering from an addiction, but distinguishing between the two helps you find the right treatment.

So how can you tell the difference?  

Habits can be positive and/or negative, for example they can be tools of survival, but sometimes, you can loose control of habitual behaviours and they can develop into addictions.

Breaking a habit it takes less effort, less time and less attention than overcoming an addiction. Breaking an addiction often needs a longer term plan to treat negative physical symptoms like withdrawal as well as the emotional connection between the body and behaviour. Being honest about your behaviour and how it is affecting your health, relationships, job, spirituality, and life can help you understand the difference between habit and addiction.

It is possible to gain control of a habit or addiction and for you to have the help to be empowered to make take positive steps towards freedom from the bind of your habit or addiction.