Helping women know their worth and feel empowered in knowing that there are steps to take to change the situation

An abusive relationship can come in many forms, both physical, verbal and mental. None of it is acceptable. You deserve to live free of fear.  It may feel that both improving the situation or getting out are difficult options. Maybe you are still hoping that things will change or you are afraid of what your partner will do if you tell them how you feel or if they discover you are trying to leave. Whatever your reasons, you probably feel trapped and helpless. But help is available. There are many resources available for abused and battered women, from help to know what you can do about the situation you are in through to crisis hotlines, shelters - there's also job training, legal services, and childcare. Start by reaching out.  We have listed resources below to help you take the first steps, and when you are ready, we run workshops to help up you re-build your confidence.