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Adopting and Fostering

Adopting and Fostering

To provide support for families that have adopted or are fostering (or considering doing so) We salute all of you who choose to give a loving home to a child in need. Having a child comes with much love but also with its ups and downs – and even more so when you have a…

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Empowering women to deal with feeling lonely Loneliness isn’t about whether we have people around or that we can connect with. Loneliness is an emotion that all of us experience. Some of us enjoy our own company more than others but even if you are in your happy place when you are alone, you can…

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Helping girls find the strength to live and feel empowered to make changes Sometimes it can feel like committing suicide is the best option but the impact it can have on those you leave behind can never be undone. Even if it feels like you don’t want to live the life you have, there are…

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Phone, internet & media – safety & good habits

Helping girls understand how to stay safe when using technology Most of us find it difficult to live life without them, but they do come with their dangers. Please stay safe and use the resources below to help you know how to do this, and where to go if you’ve got questions or don’t feel…

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Running away

Empowering girls to make the right decision about what to do when they feel like running away It can feel as though things would be better if you ran away. It can seem like that would be a change for the better but please use the resources below to look at your options and what…

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Post #2332

Helping women to deal with feelings of anxiety & fear & where to seek help when being stalked Anxiety can cause feelings in your mind and/or body of unease, worry or fear. Depression is feeling low. They can be brought on by things that happen in life and can also be a result of changes in…

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Coping with being a widow

Supporting women through a new phase of life as a widow Coping with being a widow is something that many of us will face in our lives. The very fact that women generally live longer than men means that you will be in the majority. The word widow has connotations of sorrow and loneliness but…

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Women & children from minority ethnic communities

Step Parent

Helping women feel confident that there is a place for them to go even when they have issues relating to their ethnic minority Feeling like you’re a minority shouldn’t mean that you feel alone and that there is no where to go to get information or help on an issue that relates to your specific…

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Helping girls to feel empowered to deal with a stalker and its effects Stalkers can make you feel vulnerable. They might – for a time – make you feel liked, attractive, wanted, etc but stalking isn’t classed as “normal” behaviour and can easily develop into unwanted behaviours if its not stopped. Websites Offering Support: SupportLine…

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Pressure from peers & the media

Harassment at Work

Empowering girls to feel comfortable with who they are and realise that being liked by everyone is not the goal “Social Media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is always depressed.” Bill Murray Its normal to look at others and wanting to be more…

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