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Mature Women

The issues that face the mature women often come about due to changes in circumstances - loneliness due to children departing or death of friends and loved ones, the desire to once again engage the brain or take on a new challenge, looking after the grandchildren, learning to live on a pension.


If you feel like you need a bit of a pick-me-up or some positive change, there are lots of options and help out there for you.

Gransnet is brimming with useful content aimed at the over 50s. It also has Gransnet Local, a network of sites featuring the very best in your local community as well as opportunities for gransnetters to meet up with like-minded neighbourhood folk.

Browse Our Latest Topics For Mature Women:

Self confidence

Providing women with the means of regaining or even learning to have self-confidence in the mature women that they are With ageing comes wisdom, but ageing also changes us physically and emotionally. We may not be able to do all we used to be able to do and that can take a hit on self-confidence.…
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Difficulty Sleeping

Providing support for women having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep Sleep can make a real difference to how we function in the day. Amongst other things, lack of sleep can affect how hungry we are, our brain function, or physical strength and endurance, our mood and happiness and our skin and health. You don’t…
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Coping with being a widow


Supporting women through a new phase of life as a widow Coping with being a widow is something that many of us will face in our lives. The very fact that women generally live longer than men means that you will be in the majority. The word widow has connotations of sorrow and loneliness but…
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Empowering women to deal with feeling lonely Loneliness isn’t about whether we have people around or that we can connect with. Loneliness is an emotion that all of us experience. Some of us enjoy our own company more than others but even if you are in your happy place when you are alone, you can…
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