The issues that face the mature women often come about due to changes in circumstances - loneliness due to children departing or death of friends and loved ones, the desire to once again engage the brain or take on a new challenge, looking after the grandchildren, learning to live on a pension.


If you feel like you need a bit of a pick-me-up or some positive change, there are lots of options and help out there for you.

Gransnet is brimming with useful content aimed at the over 50s. It also has Gransnet Local, a network of sites featuring the very best in your local community as well as opportunities for gransnetters to meet up with like-minded neighbourhood folk.

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Adult kids – relationship & communication

Empowering mothers of adults to be able to understand the dynamics of having an adult-kid share, how to relate, communicate and talk through adult-matters Kids become adults but parents never stop being a parent. However, the dynamics of a parent-child and a parent-adult relationship are totally different. Its not uncommon for a parent to not recognise the…
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Ageing parents

Helping daughters feel positive about looking after their ageing parents As you get older, so do your parents and then after a certain age they become less able than they used to and begin to need assistance. Sometimes, you’re able to provide some or all of what they need and sometimes you aren’t. You might…
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Creating new friendships and interests

Empowering mature women to feel able to find and develop new friendships and interests Making new friends when you are a kid is easy – kids don’t worry about what they need to say and have ample opportunities to meet new people. I’ve often seen little ones go up to a new person and start…
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Death of friends and loved ones

Helping women feel supported in dealing with the loss of friends and loved ones The hardest thing about getting older can be the loss of friends and loved ones. Ageing brings with it more deaths and at some point it can start to feel like we’ve lost so many of those that we loved. That…
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Empowering grandmothers to feel positive about looking after grandkids Your kids have grown up, you – willingly or with tears – have recreated your life…and then comes the exciting news about a grandchild being on the way. Some grandparents get to choose when they see the grandchild(ren), some don’t get to see the grandchild(ren) as…
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Offering information for women who want to have the company of their pet but are restricted in caring for it  Pets can be a significant part of life when you’re in your “golden years” as you have the time to devote to them. They can also provide companionship when getting human company is difficult. There…
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