As a girl you are certain to face a whole range of challenges, the greatest of which may be making it through your adolescent years with your self-esteem in tact.  In addition, it is essential that you develop a sense of who you are and who you desire to be in the world as well as to have a 'voice' you feel confident in and are capable of using in a variety of forms and forums.

Some of the challenges girls face growing up are listed below.  We have linked to resources to help guide and assist you to stand up for your core values, to understand better what you are going through and learn how to cope with difficult situations, to be healed from hurts, to prepare yourself for womanhood and adulthood and to be confident and happy.


If you feel a mentor could help you, discuss it with your parents to decide which option is best for you.

Friendship Works is a charity offering mentoring support to help children and young people who are having problems growing up in their home and social environment. The service is completely free of charge and is funded entirely through voluntary contributions.

Their vision is of a future where all children in England have the mentoring support they need to access vital opportunities and build friendships in order to get more out of childhood, explore their potential, see what life has to offer and lead a fulfilling adult life.

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To help girls know if they are drinking too much and be happy without needing alcohol It can be difficult to determine the difference between developing an unhealthy alcohol habit and suffering from an addiction, but distinguishing between the two is important to enable you to get the right treatment. So how can you tell the difference? One noticeable difference…
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Body image, awareness and self-acceptance

To empower girls to have a self-like, to know who they are and be confident to be themselves One of the top concerns for teens is how you look. Your ‘body image’ is created from how confident you are about your looks, what you think of how you look and what you think others see when…
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Am I a Bully?

Bullying – Am I a bully?

Am I a Bully? Our Mission: To empower girls to consider their behaviour ​and learn methods to control bullying behaviours. Being a bully may not be a decision that you make consciously. However, it’s important for all of us to think about how we treat others. How we feel about ourselves can have a big…
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Bullying & isolation

To empower girls to find happiness and friendship, to find self-like, to find confidence in being themself Being bullied can feel absolutely awful. Bullying can come in different forms, both physical or through words or exclusion. It can include things like hitting, shoving, insulting, threatening, spreading rumors, and purposely leaving someone out. Bullying among friends is…
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Communicating with your parents & family

To empower girls with skills for communicating with their parents & family It’s normal to talk to friends more than you talk to your parents. But there are some things you might want or need to talk to your parents about. How to talk to Parents. Sometimes you need some advice and some things are…
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Confusion about direction & future

To help girls overcome feelings of feeling at a loss about where they are heading & to find positivity with the present Being worried about your future shows that you care about it. It may feel like you don’t know what you want to do or who you want to be – this is ok…
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