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How to have hard conversations – it doesn’t have to be that hard

Working Mums

How to have hard conversations – it doesn’t have to be that hard

All of us at some point in our lives will need to have a difficult conversation with someone.  It can feel very scary in advance of these conversations, and as a result people often avoid them.  Sadly, the result of avoidance is almost always worse.   I was a CEO of a company for 18 years –…

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You and the Baby Blues

The Baby Blues. After 9 long months, you’ve just welcomed a beautiful baby into your life. You grew an entire human inside of you and then endured labour so they could be born. You are incredible.

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18 things only mums who work full-time will know

For some of us, it’s a choice: a decision based on the fact that we’ll be better mums and happier people if we’re going out to work. For others, it’s a necessity, borne out of financial need or inflexible working policies. But one thing that every full-time working mum has in common is that it’s…

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