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Coping with Financial Pressure in a Relationship


Finding Happiness After a Divorce.

Breakups are hard, but divorces are harder… particularly for men. A study by Kingston University analysed the impact of divorce trauma on men and women. After surveying 10,000 people in the UK between the ages of 16 and 60, they discovered that during a 20 year period, women were happier and more satisfied with their…

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How to communicate with a difficult mother

In an ideal world, our mother is our best friend, confidant, and ally: her love for us unconditional. But what if our relationship with our mother is the opposite? What if it’s confusing, hurtful, painful and, dare we say it, a little toxic? The effects of a difficult relationship with your mother don’t automatically disappear when you leave home; however, it is possible to learn how it’s affected you so that you can grow from what you learn, helping you gain greater introspection, a greater understanding of others, and a greater sense of peace and happiness in the long term.

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Volunteering with the Elderly: The Surprising Benefits

There are 66 million people in the UK, with 18.2% of us aged 65 and over1, and yet despite our population increasing, loneliness is still a major public health concern.2 Linked to social isolation, depression and feelings of inadequacy, loneliness also negatively affects the normal functioning of our hearts and brains3.  It also increases the…

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Sexual Harassment on LinkedIn 

Sexual Harassment on LinkedIn  LinkedIn, an online platform for career-networking and business, has unfortunately also become an outlet for sexual harassment. While LinkedIn’s policy prohibits any form of harassment, there’s no way for LinkedIn to totally prevent it, and – unfortunately – sexual harassment still happens there every day. Because it’s a networking site, some treat it like…

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Facebook – Internet Safety

Facebook Rachel didn’t think much of it when during a routine Facebook scroll she clicked that she was interested in attending a concert by one of her favorite bands. But she was excited when one of the members of the band friend requested her and started sending her private messages. The conversation started out casual, but…

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Who Are Be Female Group?

Be Female Group aims to provide you with support to develop and empower, to bring greater self-worth and greater happiness. It is for females of all ages from childhood right through to their later years.   We are your one go-to place for resources to reinvigorate, to repair, to bring back or enhance your confidence…

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Volunteer in our Office

We’re always looking for people to help in our office, whether you want to develop office admin skills, or share your expertise. We have different kinds of office roles available, depending on your level of experience and the time-commitment you are able to offer. Administrative Office Roles Ongoing roles to support teams across the organisation…

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Today we celebrate! 100 Years of Empowerment – The Right to Vote

One hundred years ago today, for the first time in our countries history, some women gained the right to vote.  The Vote for women was part of a gradual improvement in rights that had been going on throughout the 19th century.  The campaign not only focused on the right to vote, but the right to…

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