Why Being Single is Empowering


Why Being Single is Empowering

Being Single

Being a single woman has been synonymous with failure for as long as the patriarchy has favoured men. (So, forever then…) We’re taught that our value comes from being in a relationship; that without one, all we’re left with is loneliness, heartache and a propensity to buy cats. This is because romantic notions have been…

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Stalker Problems: How to Tell and What to do.

I have a problem with a stalker

I have a problem with a stalker. When we hear the term ‘stalking,’ most of us imagine being followed by a strange, faceless person. So someone who hides in bushes and lurks around corners waiting to catch a glimpse of the object of their desire. In reality, stalking is far more sinister than that. Stalking…

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Teenage Drinking: Help Breaking the Addiction

Teenage Drinking

The First Sip Most of us can remember the first time we tasted alcohol. We might have been offered some by our parents, snuck in a swig while they slept, giggled with friends as they brought a bottle of something inconspicuous along to the park, watching and laughing with each other as we pretended the…

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Sexual Harassment at Work

Harassment at Work

Harassment at Work  Unfortunately, abuse is also prevalent in work environments. According to one study, one in three women ages 18-34 has been sexually harassed at work. 25% of those women were harassed online via texts or emails, yet 71% of these women did not report it. We can only speculate the reasons for this, but one…

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Leaving an Abusive Relationship

Abusive Relationship

An Awakened Society – Leaving An Abusive Relationship Once upon a society, the idea of an abusive relationship was considered a shameful but rare experience, mainly saved for men who were violent towards their spouses. Terms like abusive power, controlling behaviour, coercive control and sharp power were unheard of, muttered perhaps by those who witnessed…

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Instagram & Snapchat

Instagram and SnapChat  Photos were not the only thing that changed when Instagram started in 2010 and SnapChat in 2012. Online harassment did too. By making your photos public, anyone can comment on your pictures. Although it’s hard to understand why someone would dedicate their time to being a troll, there are those who have a…

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The Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women

Over the next few days we will be sharing the vpn Mentor’s Blog ‘Empowering Internet Safety Guide for Women’.  The full download can be viewed here, alternatively, keep an eye out for snippets daily. Have you ever been harassed in the street? Received a crass message on a dating app? Had a coworker make a comment…

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Today we celebrate! 100 Years of Empowerment – The Right to Vote

One hundred years ago today, for the first time in our countries history, some women gained the right to vote.  The Vote for women was part of a gradual improvement in rights that had been going on throughout the 19th century.  The campaign not only focused on the right to vote, but the right to…

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Self-harm – Guest Blog from www.selfharm.co.uk

As someone who has struggled with self-harm for over 12 years I have pretty much heard all the possible distraction techniques or “safer alternatives” to self-harm that anyone under the sun could come up with. While preparing resources for a self-harm support group I had a thought. One of those light bulb moments that completely…

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