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Loneliness: What’s holding you back?

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Loneliness: What’s holding you back?

Loneliness definition Loneliness is a complex emotion. At its most basic, it’s defined as a feeling of sadness due to a lack of friends or company.  There’s a distinct difference between seeking solitude and feeling loneliness. Solitude is a noun – it’s something we seek to find Loneliness is an adjective – it’s something that describes how we feel. Often, when we think about people who are…

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Covid-19 and how to overcome Domestic Violence

The Coronavirus lockdown has  tensions and with that has come a drastic rise in domestic abuse cases.  Refuge (the UK’s largest domestic abuse charity) reported that calls to their helpline increased by 700% in a single day. They are just one of several helplines to reveal some shocking findings.  As of the 9th March, there were 4093 domestic abuse arrests in London in just six weeks, which…

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Should I Save my Marriage? When is enough, enough?

Helping you understand when it’s time to let go of your marriage or try again Contrary to popular belief, the honeymoon period doesn’t last forever. Relationships often go through periods of highs, lows and everything in between. When it comes to a marriage, added pressures such as money, children, work stresses and conflicting schedules can…

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Caring for Your Ageing Parent/s

Empowering you and your elderly parent/s when they need your support. We’re all aware of what happens as we grow up. Our bodies age, our skin creases and our life experiences mount up. However, what we don’t always consider is how that universal struggle happens to our parents too. As we age, so do they.…

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How to have hard conversations – it doesn’t have to be that hard

All of us at some point in our lives will need to have a difficult conversation with someone.  It can feel very scary in advance of these conversations, and as a result people often avoid them.  Sadly, the result of avoidance is almost always worse.   I was a CEO of a company for 18 years –…

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What happens when your period starts?

Its Ok to be single

The average age a girl gets her period is 12; however, they can start as young as 8 and as old as 16!1 A lot of young women find it almost impossible to talk to their parents about periods, whether it’s because they’re embarrassed, confused, have difficulty communicating with their parents, or are having issues…

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Understanding Self-Harm


There are various statistics around the prevalence of self-harm among young people. However, the truth is, it’s almost impossible to confirm the actual numbers. All we know is that girls are more likely to self-harm than boys, mainly due to boys punching a wall or engaging in behaviours that don’t come to the attention of…

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You and the Baby Blues

The Baby Blues. After 9 long months, you’ve just welcomed a beautiful baby into your life. You grew an entire human inside of you and then endured labour so they could be born. You are incredible.

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Finding Happiness After a Divorce.

Breakups are hard, but divorces are harder… particularly for men. A study by Kingston University analysed the impact of divorce trauma on men and women. After surveying 10,000 people in the UK between the ages of 16 and 60, they discovered that during a 20 year period, women were happier and more satisfied with their…

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