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A note to parents

Our Girls section is intended to be a safe resource for children aged between 7 and 18 to find useful, age-appropriate information. The Be Female Group do not sell the information sent to it, whether by children or anyone else. In addition to collecting information about your use of our website (see "Privacy"), Be Female Group might collect personally identifiable information through services offered on our site but will not pass on nor sell this data:

Email newsletters, administered through Mailchimp, which are opt-in, and contain links to content on the site.
Quick Polls, administered through Polldaddy, which are opt-in polls inviting readers to submit their opinion.
Surveys, administered through SurveyMonkey, which are opt-in surveys inviting readers to submit their opinion.

​Our Contact Us page does not ask for any personally identifiable information. Sometimes, children write to Be Female Group with a personal question. As stated elsewhere, Be Female Group generally does not answer such questions and does not collect email addresses on the Contact Us form in order to be able to respond. However, there are times when a visitor includes an email address and a professional believes it is advisable to ask a follow-up question or offer a comment, for instance, in the case of a life-threatening condition. Only in these rare and serious instances will Be Female Group respond to an individual communication or take action on the information.

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